F2Pool Global Meetups — Moscow Event Highlights

Last week on the 24th of August, F2Pool hosted its first meetup in Moscow. We chose Moscow as the first stop in the Global series, not just for the welcoming and friendly people, but also for the large and enthusiastic mining community; who we were extremely excited to meet! As a world-leading mining pool, we appreciate the importance in providing a high-quality service for our miners and by organizing such meetup events, we can give our miners an unforgettable experience, and a chance to meet and connect with like-minded individuals.

More than 100 people attended the event, visiting from all over Russia and nearby countries, with a myriad of backgrounds and interests in the crypto world. Our attendees ranged from miners, mining hardware manufacturers and those that work for exchanges, to simply people interested and eager to learn more about mining. The event was divided into two main parts. The first half of the event involved presentations from guest speakers about their area of work. Delving into details about some of the most eagerly anticipated projects of this year, which sparked a lot of curiosity from our attendees and was met with thought-provoking questions.

Our first speaker was our co-founder, Wang Chun. Chun delivered his presentation in Russian, sharing the story of his journey with Bitcoin and how he managed to turn his relationship with Bitcoin into a business that is now recognized as the largest mining pool in the world.

Next, we had a presentation from our Global Business Director, Thomas Heller. With his deep interest in mining, Thomas shared with us the latest trends and how to prepare for the block halving next year.

Here are some of the key trends that Thomas highlighted: Next-Generation Hardware, Bitcoin Dominance, Upcoming Halving, Geographical Distribution, China Hydro Season and the recent entrance of Blockstream.

The Marketing Manager of Whatsminer, Wright Wang, then spoke about their latest, extremely powerful M20 series, and Wright also gave away an M20S to David, our lucky winner. P.S. we are totally jealous!

Wright gave a detailed overview of the history of MicroBT, as well as deep insights into what goes into making an ASIC machine.

Leading on from Wright, Haichao, the Lead Researcher at Nervos, gave us a fascinating insight into why their new network is going to make a big splash; using a layered architectural design to solve some of the biggest problems for public blockchains. Nervos will launch their mainnet in Q4 2019, so you should definitely keep an eye out!

Following this, we had discussions from Roman Strylets — Beam’s Senior Developer and Sergey Trisantovich — Bixbit’s CRO. Roman introduced BEAM and spoke about the challenges for the recent hard fork, while Sergey introduced Bixbit and the advantages of immersion cooling for any mining operation. We then moved on to our panel discussion, where Max Matrenitski, the Cyberian Mine CEO, joined us. This was our favorite part of the day, as many industry leaders came together to contribute to the discussion, sparking intriguing debates.

After the break, the second half of the event involved networking and our dynamic mix of attendees provided a great foundation for people to share ideas, learn across a broader spectrum and find opportunities for business partnerships. Guests had the chance to roam around the top floor, discovering different booths from our co-hosts and partners, including many interesting giveaways on offer. Each booth was very popular with our attendees, and we would like to specifically highlight 3Logic, who had one of the best booths at the event.

Finally, from the entire F2Pool team, we would like to once again highlight how amazing it was to meet and chat with everyone from the Russian mining community. We definitely learned and gained a lot from this experience too. We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to share with us their knowledge and their experiences in the mining world.

We will continue to strive towards our goal of connecting more people interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and mining. We are very thankful for all our speakers and this event wouldn’t have been possible without the time, effort and brilliance that our co-hosts and partners put into the event. Thank you and we hope to see everyone next time!

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