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2 min readOct 24, 2019


Maximize your BTC mining revenue

F2Pool has launched merged mining support for ELA and NMC, to go alongside the VCASH merged mining rewards that we currently offer. Based on the current coin prices, miners could expect to earn an extra 0.1% BTC daily than they would without the rewards. Check out the daily revenue of ELA, NMC, and VCASH.

After speaking with our mining community, ELA and NMC were chosen as they were the most popular and profitable SHA-256 merged mining currencies available. The ELA and NMC coins will be distributed to all BTC miners daily starting from 2019–10–25.

Important reminder: You need to set up your ELA, NMC and VCASH payout addresses in order to receive your merged mining rewards. Below is a walkthrough for VCASH, but the procedure is identical for ELA and NMC.

Setup merged mining withdrawals

Add Payout Address

You can visit Account Settings — Payout Settings and Add VCASH address for each of your mining accounts.

VCASH Balance and Withdraw

From the Revenue tab on your Dashboard, you can view your Unpaid VCASH Balance and also Withdraw to your VCASH address.

Further down the Revenue page, you can find a list of VCASH revenue and payment records for your account.

Supported Exchanges

Happy Mining 🐟

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