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About Handshake (HNS)

Quick Links

1. Obtain suitable hardware

  • ✅ HNS can be efficiently mined with GPU cards.
  • ❌ HNS cannot be efficiently mined with CPU or ASIC mining machines.

2. Obtain wallet address

3. Obtain mining software

4. Configure mining software

HandyMiner configuration

stratum host: hns.f2pool.com stratum_port: 6000username: wallet_adress.worker_name password: anything

6Miner configuration — HNS mining

6miner.exe -a hns/bl2bsha3 -o hns.f2pool.com:6000 -u wallet_address.worker_name -p x -m opencl --opcl-vendor=nvidia --opcl-no-cuda-fix

NBMiner configuration — HNS mining

nbminer -a hns -o stratum+tcp://hns.f2pool.com:6000 -u wallet_address.worker_name 

NBMiner configuration — HNS & ETH dual mining

nbminer -a hns_ethash -o stratum+tcp://hns.f2pool.com:6000 -u wallet_address.worker_name -do ethproxy+tcp://eth.f2pool.com:6688 -du username.worker_name

5. Start mining!

Happy Mining 🐟



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