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ZEC and ZEN are both mined using the Equihash mining algorithm by a variety of ASIC and GPU miners. Today we are excited to launch our first Profit-Switching Pool for Equihash mining, helping our miners maximize their mining revenue.

About the Equihash Profit-Switching Pool

The ZEC and ZEN coin price and network difficulty can fluctuate greatly throughout the day, which impacts mining revenue and profitability.

During November 28, ZEN mining revenue was 33% higher than ZEC mining revenue, creating an excellent opportunity to mine with extra profits!

ZEC and ZEN Mining Revenue Comparison — November 28, 2019 (F2Pool App)

These opportunities don’t last forever, so we wanted to give our miners the best chance to catch them.

ZEC (left) and ZEN (right) Network Difficulty — November 27–28, 2019 (Coinwarz)

After a long period of observation and testing, we found that by catching these moments and switching between ZEC and ZEN, miners could net an extra 1–5% of earnings per day compared with mining ZEC only.

To extend this opportunity to all of our miners, we have developed the Equihash Profit-Switching Pool. F2Pool will monitor the coin price and network difficulty of ZEC and ZEN, and compare the actual mining revenue.

Your workers will automatically switch hashrate to ZEN when ZEN mining revenue is 10% higher than ZEC mining revenue and will switch hashrate back to ZEC when ZEN mining revenue is less than 3% higher ZEC revenue.

Revenue Comparison — ZEC, ZEN & Profit-Switching

We’ve tested the Profit-Switching Pool for a few weeks, and here is a revenue comparison of a small sample size — November 27, the day before we launched this feature to all of our miners.

We pointed 100Ksol/s hashrate to mine on each of the three pools — ZEC, ZEN and Profit Switching Pool at the same time for a period of 24 hours.

From our test, we found the Profit-Switching Pool to outperform ZEC mining by 4.17% and ZEN mining by 6.06%.

ZEC, ZEN and Profit Switching Pool Revenue Comparison (November 27, 2019). Please note: Mining revenue was converted to USD on November 28, 2019, when the ZEC price was $28.65 and ZEN price was $5.62.

Equihash Profit-Switching Pool — Mining Guide

1. Activate the “Equihash Profit-Switching” function

Log in to F2Pool and select “Equihash” from the dropdown currency list. The following User Notice will appear. By clicking “OK”, you agree to the User Notice and enable the Equihash Profit-Switching function.

2. Configure your mining device

Your miner must be connected to the F2Pool pool server listed below, and you must use a mining account registered on F2Pool for your hashrate and revenue to be recorded and monitored.

You are required to enter the following information on your mining device:

URL: stratum+tcp://equihash.f2pool.com:5100

Username: accountUsername.workerName

Password: *this can be anything*

Please note: We strongly recommended our miners to create a separate Mining Account for Equihash Profit-Switching, making it easier to compare revenue between mining with the Profit-Switching Pool and mining ZEC or ZEN alone.

3. Monitor hashrate and mining revenue

After selecting “Equihash” from the dropdown currency list, you can choose your Mining Account to view your hashrate and revenue.

  • The hashrate graph displays different colors based on the currency that is mined at a particular period of time
  • The table below the hashrate graph displays worker status and average hashrate, as well as the mining revenue of ZEC and ZEN
  • Mining revenue is recorded separately according to the currency mined and displayed in the revenue section
  • Payout rules, frequency and time is the same as other currencies — calculated at 00:00 UTC and paid out before 06:00 UTC

Please note: The Profit-Switching Pool endeavors to minimize the impact of price fluctuations on final revenue, but cannot completely eliminate the risk that the final revenue is lower than ZEC or ZEN mining. Before using the Profit-Switching Pool, please carefully read the “F2Pool Profit-Switching Pool User Notice” and understand the related risks.

Happy Mining 🐟

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